Set Up Your Own Linux VPS Website

If you are a webmaster who has outgrown shared hosting and is thinking of upgrading to a VPS, these are exciting times. VPS are available at rock-bottom prices, costing as much and sometimes even less than shared costing. Of course, one must remember that the low cost is for a reason and you get what you paid for.

Still, there is nothing better than a cheap budget VPS to get a feel of what is a VPS is all about.
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SMF Error: Couldn’t get mail server response codes

I use Simple Machines Forum (SMF). I was earlier using gmail and then namecheap for sending the forum emails for registration, notification of new posts etc without any problem. Then, I decided to use fastmail.

The Fastmail SMTP settings are as follows:

Port 465
SSL/TLS Encryption Enabled, but not STARTTLS
Authentication PLAIN
Username Your FastMail email address, including the domain
Password Your FastMail password

However, when you enter these credentials in the SMF settings (>Maintenance > Mail > Settings) you will get the error (see the error log):

Couldn’t get mail server response codes

The simple solution is that instead of “”, use “ssl://” as the server.

Now, the email should work as intended.

P.S. If you have CSF (Config Server Firewall) enabled, make sure the port is open and allowed to be used by CSF.

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Nginx.conf rules for Wordfence Falcon Engine Caching when using Nginx and PHP5-FPM

Wordfence is a free WordPress plugin that provides security for your wordpress installation. It has a nice feature that scans your wordpress files and compares it with the original to see if they have been modified.

However, the scan is not foolproof. It does not cover all the core wordpress files or the themes or the plugins. Also, if the hacker has inserted new files, that goes undetected. Continue reading

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WordPress Shows Login Page For Entire Site

Today, I had an unpleasant experience. When I tried to access my site, I was presented with a peculiar login page. No page was accessible. Even the wp-admin.php page was blocked out by the login page. There was only one input box for the password (see image). Continue reading

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MicroAd Hijacks Browsers & Hides Google Adsense Ads

I have several websites where I have Google Adsense Ads running.

Today, when I was browsing my websites, I was surprised to see some shady-looking ads showing. The ads appeared to be of companies called “Poster Gully”, “Styleever”, “fashion” etc.

If you peer closely at the ads, you will find an icon towards the right-hand side, similar to the ones found in the Adsense ads. Continue reading

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php5-fpm process is consuming the CPU resources & RAM

Today morning, I posted something which drew a flock of people to my website. I had concurrent visitors of about 100 + according to Google analytics. They were downloading a 1 MB pdf file.

My VPS is powered by easyengine (nginx + php-fpm). I also have WP Super Cache installed. Continue reading

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VPS Used To Send Spam Email Messages

Today morning, I got a shocking message from servermania.

“New support ticket was created

Subject: Abuse – 23.236…….


This message is to notify you that your server located at 23.236……. is now in violation of our Terms of Service located at‎ and is subject to account suspension leading up to termination without notice.

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Vultr VPS Review (Tokyo)

Today, I developed an urge to try out the Vultr VPS service. I put in $5 and got a credit of $5. With the $10 in my control, I grabbed a VPS with the following specifications:

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My Site VPS2.Me Is The Subject Of A DDOS Attack (!)

All of a sudden this site went offline even though other sites on the same VPS operating through different I. P. Addresses were in operation.

I shot off a mail to ServerMania to ask what was going on.

The reply surprised me: Continue reading

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DDoS Attack Against Ramnode VPS – RamNull Nullroutes IP

I have a 128MB VPS with RamNode that I use exclusively for storing files. There is no apache, php or html loaded on the VPS.

Yesterday night, I received an ominous email from RamNode:

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ServerMania’s New SSD Cached Linux VPS Review

I bought a 2GB RAM VPS at the Los Angeles Data Center with the following specifications:

2GB RAM VPS specifications:
• 2 GB Guaranteed RAM
• 2 GB vSwap RAM
• 100 GB SSD RAID-10
• 4 IP Addresses
• 3000 GB Bandwidth
• 100 Mbps Network Speed

The price is $56 per year

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