Set Up Your Own Linux VPS Website


If you are a webmaster who has outgrown shared hosting and is thinking of upgrading to a VPS, these are exciting times. VPS are available at rock-bottom prices, costing as much and sometimes even less than shared costing. Of course, one must remember that the low cost is for a reason and you get what you paid for.

Still, there is nothing better than a cheap budget VPS to get a feel of what is a VPS is all about.
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MicroAd Hijacks Browsers & Hides Google Adsense Ads

I have several websites where I have Google Adsense Ads running.

Today, when I was browsing my websites, I was surprised to see some shady-looking ads showing. The ads appeared to be of companies called “Poster Gully”, “Styleever”, “fashion” etc.

If you peer closely at the ads, you will find an icon towards the right-hand side, similar to the ones found in the Adsense ads. Continue reading

VPS Used To Send Spam Email Messages

Today morning, I got a shocking message from servermania.

“New support ticket was created

Subject: Abuse – 23.236…….


This message is to notify you that your server located at 23.236……. is now in violation of our Terms of Service located at‎ and is subject to account suspension leading up to termination without notice.

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ServerMania’s New SSD Cached Linux VPS Offers

ServerMania is developing a reputation for offering VPS deals that look very attractive.

Their earlier offer that attracted me was the “SSD Cached Linux VPS – 4 GB RAM”. This was available for an annual fee of $88.

I have already reviewed this VPS in this article. It works well and I have no complaints barring the fact that there is sometimes a connectivity issue with the server in New York. However, this is an ISP problem and not a VPS problem. Continue reading

My VPS Got Hacked And Was Used For A “100 Mbit Outbound DDOS Connection”

I have a VPS which is used only to send emails to about 30,000 subscribers. I have been doing so for several years. All the subscribers are double opt-in confirmed. The I. P. address is white-listed and everything works well. The VPS is used sparingly.

All of a sudden, I received an email today from the hosting company stating: Continue reading