LEMP Script WordOps Guide

wordops is the best automated LEMP script at present. From the POV of ease of installation, it is much better than Centminmod and Easy Engine. The documentation and guides are also excellent. The site is https://wordops.net/ It requires Ubuntu Server 18.04/20.04/22.04 or Debian 10/11. (1) Install wordops wget -qO wo wops.cc && sudo bash wo

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How to find root password and port

How to find root password and port?

(i) When a customer pays for a new VPS, the host sends a mail in which important information is given about the IP Address and the root password. Root password Example: This is the mail that Hetzner.com sends when a VPS is purchased from it: “YOUR NEW SERVER Your server “ubuntu-2gb-hel1-2” was created! You can

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