Free VPS | Selection Of Best Offers In Linux & Windows

This is a selection of the best Free VPS offers at present. There are Linux and Windows VPS trial offers. No credit card or other payment information is required in many cases

Benefits of Free VPS offers

There is an obvious reason why VPS providers are willing to provide their servers to customers for free.

This is to entice customers who may never otherwise be interested in the VPS to signup and try it out.

The offer of free VPS tempts the customer to try the product because there is no cost involved and there is no risk.

If the server does perform as per expectation, the customer may become a paying customer at the end of the trial period of the free VPS.

Now, let us take a brief overview of the numerous companies that are offering free VPS to customers for a trial period.

Google Cloud Platform Free VPS

Google is the best VPS provider. It has the best possible equipment that money can buy. Its Cloud Platform is simply the best in terms of speed, performance and reliability.

The VPS is referred to as ‘cloud computing platform’ by Google Cloud.

So, a Free VPS offer by Google Cloud means that we have to absolutely try it out.

The free VPS tier offer by Google Cloud is quite generous.

The user is eligible to use the VPS for 12 Months and up to $300 free credit to get started with any GCP product.

Google also offers ‘Always Free

Free usage limits’ on participating products for eligible customers, during and after the free trial.

Google Cloud Platform Free Tier

The Google Cloud Platform Free Tier is your opportunity to learn and use GCP for free. It has two parts: a 12-month, $300 credit free trial and Always Free.

The 12-month, $300 free trial allows you to use any GCP product. Always Free allows you to try participating products for free up to their non-expiring usage limits, making it easy for you to test and develop with these products.

How do I sign up 12-month, $300 free trial?

If you are eligible, your free trial will start when you sign up for Google Cloud Platform. To sign up, sign in or create a Google Account. You will also need a credit card or bank account details so we can verify your identity. You will not be charged or billed during your free trial.

Who’s eligible for the free trial?

The free trial is a one-time introduction to the platform for new customers. If you have never been a paying customer of Google Cloud Platform and have not previously signed up for the free trial, you are eligible.
Business accounts are not eligible for the free trial.

What’s included in the free trial?

You get $300 in credit to spend over a 12-month period on all Google Cloud Platform products.

Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean is also a highly reputed and reliable VPS provider.

It offers a Free VPS to be used for $100 for 60 days.

Digital Ocean has ‘Standard Droplets’ which are SSD-based virtual machines that are ideal for developers as they build or test out applications.

It also has ‘Optimized Droplets’ which are scalable compute servers optimized for computationally intensive workloads. These are powerful CPUs with consistent and reliable performance to easily run production applications.

Under the trial offer of Digital Ocean, users can use the free credit to try either the standard droplets or the optimized ones.


Azure is the arm of Microsoft. It is also offers highly reliable and excellent performing VPS.

Azure offers eligible customers Rs. 13,300 in Azure credits (“Credits”) to be used within the first 30 days of sign-up and 12 months of select free services (services subject to change). This offer is limited to one Azure Free Account per eligible customer and cannot be combined with any other offer unless otherwise permitted by Microsoft.

The salient terms of the free offer by Microsoft Azure are as follows:

(i) Get started with a Rs13,300 credit

Start free with Rs 13,300 in credit to use on any Azure products for 30 days.

(ii) Keep going with free products

Build your next great idea with free access to our most popular products for 12 months and to more than 25 always free products.

(iii) Pay nothing until you choose

Azure uses your credit card information for identity verification, but you will not be charged until you choose to upgrade.

(This Microsoft Azure Tutorial video will get your basics right about Microsoft Azure. It starts from the basics, so shall be helpful to a beginner who doesn’t know anything about Cloud Computing as well. Towards the end, we shall do an awesome hands-on!)

Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud is yet another excellent VPS option with blazing fast servers and excellent reliability.

Anyone can create an Alibaba Cloud Account and get $300 New User Free Credit


  • Test and purchase combinations of Alibaba Cloud products with the credit
  • Credit valid for 60 days, no charges unless you exceed the limit


How to Use Your $300 New User Free Credit

Receive $50 Elastic Computing credit, $250 credit for other cloud products, and $3 credit for .COM domain as listed below.

Credit is valid for 60 days and automatically added to your account. You will not be charged unless your free credit is exceeded.

Amazon AWS

Amazon AWS is another awesome VPS provider whose free trial offer has to be accepted.


The AWS Free Tier enables you to gain free, hands-on experience with the AWS platform, products, and services.

AWS Free Tier Details

12 months free and always free products

AWS includes offers that expire 12 months following sign up and others that never expire.

AWS Free Tier (Non-expiring Offers):

These offers do not automatically expire at the end of your 12 month AWS term and are available to all AWS customers.

AWS Free Tier (12 Month Introductory Period):

These free tier offers are only available to new AWS customers, and are available for 12 months following your AWS sign-up date. When your 12 month free usage term expires or if your application use exceeds the tiers, you simply pay standard, pay-as-you-go service rates (see each service page for full pricing details). Restrictions apply; see offer termsfor more details.

Scaleway trial

Try the new Scaleway ARMv8 SSD Cloud Servers for free

Free: Enjoy a 15 minutes ARMv8 SSD cloud server with 8 ARM 64bit Cores, 8GB Memory and 200GB SSD.

Share: Share your experience with Scaleway, tweet @scaleway on twitter.

Discover: Discover a new cloud experience with Scaleway, the only cloud provider on earth to offer ARMv7, ARMv8 and X64 cloud servers.

Scaleway’s VPS servers are also balzing fast. I have conducted a Scaleway review here.

Bluehost Devcloud

Bluehost, the reputed web hosting cloud, has a VPS division called Devcloud.

Devcloud is also quite impressive in terms of its performance and reliability.

No Credit Card needed

The best part about Devcloud is that it does not require the user to provide a credit card at the stage of availing of the free VPS trial.

Devcloud allows the user to create 1 FREE instance for 10 days, No Credit Card needed

View Demo of how to set up a free VPS with Devcloud

Linode trial

No Credit card required

Linode is also a highly reputed and reliable VPS provider.

It offers a free trial of its VPS (called Linodes) without requiring a credit card or any other payment information.

The procedure for availing of a free VPS from Linode is as follows:

(i) Create a account by visiting and submitting your email address, username, and password. You’ll then receive an email welcoming you to Linode and asking you to confirm your email address.

(ii) Once confirmed you will be taken to a welcome page (the Account tab), where you will be given the option to spin up a Linode 512 cloud server to play around with for a couple of hours.  You will also always have the option of completing your signup and becoming a normal paid account.  The cool part is that completing your signup while you have a trial Linode will save it, along with any work you’ve invested in it, from being deleted when the trial ends.

(iii)  There is no credit card required and you can choose to keep your Linode at any time during the trial.  You can even keep your account after your trial has expired.  


Vultr is also a growing and reputed VPS provider.

All persons signing up are entitled to get $10 Vultr VPS Free.

Vultr is present in 12 places. One can easily deploy Cloud Servers, Bare Metal, and Storage worldwide!


AccuWebHosting offers Free Windows VPS Hosting.

The salient terms are as follows:

  • No Credit Card Required
  • Windows 2008 OS
  • RDP & Full Root Access
  • 1Gbps Port Speed
  • Host Unlimited Domains
  • Unlimited SQL Database

There is a 1 Month Free Trial.

The featured Windows VPS plan is absolutely free for the 1st Month. After the free trial, your plan will be only $14.97/month.

Included will be AccuWebHosting’s quick initial setup of your Virtual Machine.

The quick setup includes the operating system as well as any of the following applications –

IIS Server, latest ASP.Net frameworks, Microsoft SQL server database, PHP with Fast CGI, mySQL database server, SmarterMail Mail server and any other software requested by you during sign up.

The Free Windows VPS includes the following:

  • Hosting in USA data Center
  • Dual Xeon E5 & E7 series Servers
  • Enterprise Class Nimble SAN Storage
  • 1 Gbps Port Speed
  • Remote Desktop & Full Root Access
  • Microsoft HyperV Virtualization


Elastichosts offers a free trail of its VPS server.

The salient terms are as follows:

(i) Every free trial comes with 2000 core-MHz CPU, 1GB RAM, 30GB HDD and 5GB SSD. The trial period lasts 5 days.

(ii) Trial ends with no automatic charges. Your details will be kept private.

Elastichosts Cloud Server Demo

This short video shows you how to set up an Elastichosts Cloud Server. Elastichosts offers ultra-flexible and easy-to-use Cloud Servers from nine data centre locations around the world.

BabVPS calls itself a “professional and reliable Web hosting company” which provide Free VPS & Premium Cheap and Reliable Virtual Private Server with 99.99% uptime.

It also claims to have 24/7 support systems.

vpswala – Free VPS Hosting No Credit Card Required offers Free VPS Hosting (Windows, Linux) upto 1GB RAM, 120GB Space, Unmetered Unlimited Traffic in 1 Minute for $0.00/month for First 12 Months On Trial.

The SSD cloud virtual servers are simple, fast and scalable.

There are no Advertisements on the site.

No Credit Card is required to avail of the free VPS.

vpswala permits Use of free trail vps Hosting servers, no matter you are students, developer and want it to use for your school projects or any personal needs.

Users can even book cheap domains. There no credit card required for getting free vps hosting servers be it windows or linux.


Baehost, a hosting company based in Argentina, is offering VMware VPS Free.

The best part is that the services can be tried for 12 days for free and without obligation before signup. This is the best way to learn about the quality and reliability of Baehost’s services.

The following are the specifications of the VMware VPS Free:

  • VMware vSphere Enterprise Plus + VMware vCloud Director virtualization technology
  • 2 cores (5.32 GHz) Xeon
  • 2 GB RAM memory
  • 200 GB Disk space
  • 10 mbps symmetrical
  • 100 mbps burst
  • Unmetered transfer

Cloud Sigma – No credit card required.

Cloud Sigma is offering a 7-day free trial and no credit card is required.

It is claimed that Virtual Private Server hosting is designed to give a much greater level of control over your server compared with shared hosting.

CloudSigma is said to offer the cloud computing equivalent of VPS hosting in the form of its unique cloud servers that don’t share software resources at all.

InterServer – FREE Web Hosting

InterServer is a well-known web host that provides FREE Web Hosting to Non-Profit Organizations.

It also provides unlimited email accounts, space, and bandwidth.

There is also a 24/7 expert Customer Service Team which is always there to provide a guiding hand if there are any problems in operating the VPS.

Batcave – FREE HOSTING PLAN, a hosting company with offices in US, UK and Germany is offering a FREE HOSTING PLAN which has the following specifications:

  • 1000 MB Disk Space
  • 5 GB of Monthly Traffic
  • 1 Domain or Subdomain
  • Can use subdomain!
  • MySQL
  • PHP5 and Perl
  • Joomla & WordPress
  • Free instant setup
  • 24/7 Support

Batcave’s current hosting promotion is that customers can upgrade to paid hosting with a domain name from free hosting for only 9.99 for the first year!

Hopefully, this discussion on the subject will answer questions that people have of how to find free VPS and which companies offer free VPS hosting.

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