Hetzner VPS Review

Hetzner VPS Review (Helsinki)

This is a comprehensive review of a Hetzner VPS. The server is based in Helsinki, Finland. I was attracted to Hetzner Online because of the reviews that I read on twitter and on various websites. All the reviews of the Hetzner Online VPS were unanimous that the VPS is fast and responsive and that there is enormous value that one derives for the price that one is paying for the VPS. So, I decided to check whether these claims about the speed and responsiveness of the Hetzner VPS is correct and to do my own review

Vultr VPS Review (Tokyo)

Today, I developed an urge to try out the Vultr VPS service. I put in $5 and got a credit of $5. With the $10 in my control, I grabbed a VPS with the following specifications: 1 CPU1024MB MEMORY20GB STORAGE200 GB TRANSFERMonthly$7.00 Hourly$0.01 All the disks are supposed to be 100% SSD Storage. The CPUs

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