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Are you looking for a VPS Free Trial?

Alibaba Cloud is offering a free trial of its VPS.

The trial of the VPS is free of cost.

In order to enable users to avail of the free trial of the VPS, Alibaba Cloud is giving a credit of $300 to new users.

The free credit of $300 can be availed of in the following manner.

(i) Go to Alibaba Cloud’s VPS free trial site here

(ii) Register as a new user. Your email address and phone number will be verified

(iii) Enter the credit card or PayPal details

(iv) Immediately thereafter Alibaba Cloud gives $300 USD in free credit

(v) The free credit can be used to purchase combinations of Alibaba Cloud products

(vi) The credit is valid for 60 days. There will be no charges unless you exceed the limit of $300.

The $300 credit is split across two areas: $50 is allocated to Elastic Compute Server (ECS) instances, Server Load Balancer and Elastic IPs.

The other $250 is for database, data, media, network, and security services such as ApsaraDB, Object Storage Service, Table Store, Content Delivery Network, Data Transmission Service, E-MapReduce, Anti-DDoS Pro, Mobile Security, Web Application Firewall and ApsaraVideo Live.

All services are available on Subscription or Pay-As-You-Go.

The only prerequisite for receiving the free credit is that you need a verified and valid payment method in place before it gets applied. This can be a credit card, a PayPal account, or both.

Immediately upon successfully registering, Alibaba Cloud sends the following message:

“Activate your $300 New User Free Credit

2018-01-06 06:34:47

Dear Alibaba Cloud user,

The valid period of your $300 New User Free Credit is 60 days upon your registration, which has passed 7 days now. To activate your $300 free credit and test out Alibaba Cloud products, you first need to add a verified payment method.

Note: The $300 credit will be automatically added to your account once you have added a verified payment method.

Upon adding the payment methods (credit card or PayPal), the following message is received:

$300 new user Free Credit is in your account, start your trial now!

2018-01-07 16:21:01

Congratulations! You have successfully added a valid payment method and passed our user verification process. We have added $300 in new user Free Credit to your account. Kindly be reminded that the valid period for the $300 credit is 60 days from the day you registered.

Start to try Alibaba Cloud

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Want to earn more free Alibaba Cloud credit by referring a friend? Learn more about Alibaba Cloud’s referral program.

The free credit of $300 is subject to the following ceilings:

(i) $50 USD can be used for purchasing a VPS (called Elastic Computing Products)

The user can get a free trial of a VPS with 1Core/1GB/40GB Disk 60days, with 530GB Data Transfer

Alternatively, the user can avail of a free trial of two VPS with 1Core/1GB/40GB Disk 30days, with 400GB Data Transfer in total

(ii) The $50 USD credit can also be used for free trial of Server Load Balancer.

Server Load Balancer are necessary to manage sudden spikes in traffic. It minimizes response time and maintains 99.99% availability of the VPS.

Server Load Balancer monitors the health of the VPS and ensures high availability by automatically distributing application requests to servers with optimal performance in different availability zones.

(iii) Alibaba Cloud permits $250 USD Credit to be used for free trial of Non-Elastic Computing Products i.e. other than VPS.

Database for RDS, Database for Redis, Object Storage Service, Content Delivery Network and Table Store

Free VPS Trial in Singapore

I used the credit offered by Alibaba Cloud to create a free VPS in the Singapore data center with the following specifications.


• Region Asia Pacific SE 1 (Singapore) (Asia Pacific SE 1 Zone B)
• Configuration I/O Optimized 1-core, 2 GB (General Type n1)
• Operating System CentOS 7.4 64bit
• Data Disk –
• Network Bandwidth 1 Mbps (VPC)
• Number 1 Month(s) X 1 Unit(s)
CPU: 1 Core(s)
Memory:  2 GB (I/O Optimized)
1 Mbps(peak value)

The cost of the VPS is Instance Cost $19.19 USD + Internet traffic fee $0.0810 USD/GB.

However, because I am under the free trial period I did not have to pay for it.

I have conducted a review of Alibaba Free trial VPS

Video tutorials

There are two video Tutorials available on how to Set Up a Free Account on Alibaba Cloud and avail of the free trial worth up to $300-$1200 USD.

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