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Leapswitch Networks, a reputed VPS provider in India, is offering a free VPS trial.

It has launched a new Cloud Based Platform-as-a-service called CloudJiffy.

CloudJiffy is said to be India’s 1st Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) supporting 8 Major application platforms (PHP, Java, ASP.NET, NodeJS, Python, Ruby, Go and Docker), featuring turnkey setup, automated vertical and horizontal scaling which allows businesses/startups to save 80% of your cost compared to competing Cloud Providers.

All aspects about CloudJiffy are explained in the embedded video.

The concept does sounds interesting.

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CloudJiffy Features

  • Automatic Vertical scaling – Set your container to 128 MB RAM and let it scale upto 128 GB of RAM , as and when required. 
  • Cloudlets – Containers are set and measured in Cloudlets used – each cloudlet is 128MB RAM and 400Mhz CPU
  • Hourly Billing – Your container(s) are billed per hour, based on number of Cloudlets used.
  • Platform-as-a-service – Don’t wish to manage a VPS? Let CloudJiffy setup a Micro-services architecture for you
  • Supported Platforms – Instantly run PHP, Java, NodeJS, Ruby, Python, Go, .NET and Docker based applications.
  • Docker Hub – CloudJiffy connects to Docker Hub so that you can deploy any public or private Docker template.

CloudJiffy also has a large number of DevOps features –

  • Web SSH/RDP – Web based SSH and RDP within CloudJiffy portal – No need to use Putty.
  • File manager – Edit config files, application files, upload/remove files and folders within the portal.
  • Statistics – View CPU, RAM, Disk, Traffic stats within CloudJiffy on a per container basis.
  • Logging – View application and container logs within the interface.
  • Clone Environments – Clone running VPS, containers or entire environments.
  • Collaborations – Collaborate with users giving them limited/unlimited access to one or more environments.
  • Alerts – Automated load alerts are setup for each of your containers are configurable through the interface.
  • Horizontal Scaling – Setup triggers and load balancers for automated horizontal scaling.

Free trial

Signup for your free 14 day trial here –


Here is how Pricing works – (USD 1 = INR 70)

  • Cloudlets – INR 45 – 60 per cloudlet per month (128MB RAM / 400Mhz CPU)
  • Storage – 20GB SSD Free – INR 2 – 4 per GB per month for additional storage.
  • Traffic – 1GB / hour Free – INR 2 – 4 per GB per hour for additional bandwidth.
  • Public IPv4 – INR 100 per month – Private IPv4 and subdomains are included.

Billing is in Indian Rupees and pre-paid via fund addition with a minimum of INR 500

We are the only Cloud Provider to bill on Average Actual Resource Consumption, not Plans or Limits. On our normal VPS range, we see 20% Average Actual Resource Consumption, leading to upto 80% cost savings compared to other Cloud/VPS providers.

Signup for your free 14 day trial here –

Datacenter, Server Hardware and Network –

  • Pune based Tier 3 Datacenter –  Same datacenter used by Leapswitch Networks
  • TATA, Vodafone, Airtel and NIXI network
  • Intel Xeon E5 Servers with 256-512GB RAM
  • 1000mbps network – 100mbps limit per container
  • SSD RAID10 (speed/iops limitations apply to each container)
  • 99.99% Network and Power uptime SLA

Support options –

Signup for your free 14 day trial here –

Payment methods –

  • INR – Credit cards/Debit Cards/Net Banking (via Instamojo)
  • Check / Cash / NEFT (HDFC, Kotak)

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