WP-PostViews Not Working/ Not Showing Post Count

WP-PostViews, one of the many plugins by the highly talented Lester Chan, is one of my favourite plugins. As the name suggests, it tells you how many times a post has been viewed. You can choose to display that information in the public or you can keep it to yourself.

Either way, it is an invaluable tool because you know how popular your posts are.

All of a sudden, the WP-PostViews plugin seemed to stop working on one of my several sites because though I could see hundreds of people browsing the post through the real-time option in Google Analytics, the post views remained stubbornly at ‘0’.

After a lot of research, I stumbled upon a post at blockerscode.net which suggested that adding the

tag in the head portion of the header.php file of the theme would solve the problem.

Well, I did that and it did not solve the problem. Then it occured to me that adding the

tag in the footer was also necessary.

That solved the problem! Now, WP-PostViews faithfully shows the post count as before.

Incidentally, if you want to enable the toolbar that appears at the top when you are logged in and browsing the stock, the

tag in the footer is necessary.

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