Alibaba India Cloud Offers Free Trial With $300 Credit

Alibabacloud has attractive offers with respect to its datacenter in Mumbai, India. There is free credit of upto $300 and also 100GB data transfer for free for an ECS in the India region.

Pre-subscription offer

Alibaba is running a campaign pursuant to which customers are entitled to get 100GB data transfer for free.

The pre-launch subscription link is here.


The terms are as follows:

– Receive an e-mail notification once the India data center launches. This way you’ll not miss out on our 30% introduction offer.

– Buy any ECS instance (Subscription Type annual) from our India data center and you will get an extra 100GB data transfer coupon for free, 1-month validity

– Pre-subscription period: 12/20/2017 to 1/17/2018

– Promotion is limited to 100GB data transfer per user in total, only available for the first 1,500 users

Alibaba Datacenter in Mumbai

Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing arm of Alibaba Group, said that its Indian data center, located in the city of Mumbai, will open in January 2018. The company said that the new data centre will help meet the surging demand for cloud computing services among the fast-increasing number of Indian small and medium-size businesses in the region.

“India is a key market in Alibaba Cloud’s globalization strategy, and the firm sees tremendous business opportunity given the rapid growth of the Indian economy and the nature of the enterprises looking to expand from the country,” the company said in a statement.

Alibaba Cloud has partnered with RCom’s enterprise arm Global Cloud Xchange (GCX) that will enable direct access to Alibaba Cloud Express Connect via GCX’s CLOUD X Fusion service. Previously, Alibaba Cloud partnered with Tata Communications to provide direct access to Alibaba Cloud Express Connect via Tata Communications’ IZOTM Private Connect service.

Alibaba Cloud now has 33 availability zones across 16 economic centres globally, with coverage extending across mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Australia, the Middle East, Europe, India and the U.S. (East and West Coast).

The data center will offer a comprehensive suite of cloud products including largescale computing, storage resources, and Big Data processing capabilities.

Alibaba said that Indian businesses of all sizes can now run their applications on Alibaba Cloud’s cloud platform. Other data centre service offerings include elastic computing, database, storage and content delivery, networking, analytics and big data, containers, middleware, and security.

Alibaba Cloud will establish a local team of dedicated professional consultants to provide service planning, implementation and after-sales support, helping customers of all sizes as they move to the cloud and enabling them to realize their full growth potential. This will extend what Alibaba Cloud is already doing to service thousands of customers from India globally.

Specifications of the ECS (Elastic Computing Service)/ VPS

Alibaba Cloud has a 30% off introduction offer in January 2018.

(i) High-performance 3rd generation ECS.

(ii) Intel Xeon E5-2682 v4CPU (Broadwell)

– SSD Cloud Disk 20,000 IOPS 300MBps

– NetWork 4.5 Million PPS

– Anti-DDoS Basic for Free

– High-performance, Intel Xeon E5-2682 v4CPU(Broadwell), DDR4, SSD Cloud Disks

– High Availability, 99.95% service availability and 99.9999999% data reliability

– High Security, solid DDoS defense system and Network Security Group (NSG) protection

– Elastic, quickly boot or release up to 100 ECS cloud servers

High Performance VPS

•Industry-leading SDN and network virtualization

•Quick and flexible resource deployment and high availability

•High-speed interaction for 10GB devices with high-capacity IDC network

High Availability of 99.99%

•Built on T3+ standards

•Electromechanical system configured with 2N redundancy

•Cooling system configured with N+1 redundancy


•CCTV system

•Multi-layer access controlling system

•ISO certification

Professional Operations

•24/7 on-site engineers

•Remote support

•Real-time monitoring

•Real-time alarm notifications

•Ticketing system with SLA guarantee

Green Tech

•Modular design, on-demand expansion

•Green energy supply

•Free cooling technology

•Lower PUE design

How to Use Your $300 New User Free Credit

Receive $50 Elastic Computing credit, $250 credit for other cloud products, and $3 credit for .COM domain as listed below. Credit is valid for 60 days and automatically added to your account. You will not be charged unless your free credit is exceeded. Terms & FAQs.

$50 USD Credit For Elastic Computing Products

$3 USD Credit For .COM Domain

Elastic Compute Service

Elastic, secure and stable cloud computing with high quality network. Alibaba Cloud ECS provides fast memory and the latest Intel CPUs to help you achieve faster results with low latency.

Available for purchase with $50 credit

1 instance (1Core/1GB/40GB Disk) 60days, with 530GB Data Transfer


2 instances (1Core/1GB/40GB Disk) 30days, with 400GB Data Transfer in total

* Above are estimates based on your free credit, the actual resource consumption varies depending on the region and configurations you select. The New User Free Credit cannot be used in conjunction with special offers (including Starter Packages).

Server Load Balancer

Manage sudden spikes in traffic, minimize response time and maintain 99.99% availability of your web application. Server Load Balancer monitors the health of servers and ensures high availability by automatically distributing application requests to servers with optimal performance in different availability zones.

Available for purchase with $50 credit

Use 60 days with 548GB Data Transfer in total


Use 30 days together with 2 ECS instances, 350GB Data Transfer available

* Above are estimates based on your free credit, the actual resource consumption varies depending on the region you select.

SSD Cloud Server ECS

Starter Package Plan

IOPS: 20000 | Throughput: 256 MBps | Capacity: 32768 GiB

High-performance Elastic Compute Service (ECS) at low cost

Terms & FAQs


1. What products are included in the SSD Cloud Server plan?

Elastic Compute Service and a Data Transfer allowance are included in each SSD Cloud Server plan. The Data Transfer limit is only valid for the month of purchase and is reset each month. Outbound data transfers in excess of your plan’s Data Transfer allowance are subject to overage charges. Please see additional data usage fees here.

2. Are there any restrictions on users and purchase volume?

Each account user can have no more than 30 instances running at the same time. If an individual user has multiple accounts, only one account is eligible to purchase this promotion.

3. Can I upgrade my ECS instances and disks?

No, users cannot update their ECS instances and disks. We recommend you use the free snapshot function and recreate new Starter Package instances.

4. I have not reserved more than 30 instances under this package, why does my new order not display the discounted price?

Please check to verify that you do not have any unpaid orders that may be preventing you from accessing this promotion.

5. How do I get the Data Transfer Plan listed in the Package?

The Data Transfer Plan will be sent to your account after the successful launch of your ECS instance.

6. What are the usage conditions of the Starter Package Data Transfer Plan?

As of 15:00 Sep. 25, 2017 (UTC+8), Starter Package ECS instances and Data Transfer are exclusively linked. Thus, the package’s Data Transfer only applies to relevant ECS instances purchased under the package and cannot be shared with other ECS instances purchased separately. If you have deployed Starter Package instances before this time, please see more information from the following notice.

7. Are there any special requirements on purchasing ECS instances in Mainland China?

An ICP Filing is required for all websites hosted on ECS instances deployed within Mainland China. In order to purchase ECS instances in Mainland China, users are also required to complete real-name verification according to relevant laws and regulations in Mainland China.

8. How do I apply for an ICP Filing?

Please visit the ICP Filing Application page. Due to registration, auditing, and other requirements, the ICP Filing Application page is currently only available in Chinese characters. Support and application review services in English will be available in the future. For more information about obtaining an ICP Filing, please see ICP Filing FAQ.

Billing & Account Management

1. How is the billing for the SSD Cloud Server calculated?

The SSD Cloud Sever ECS is billed monthly. Users who purchase or renew ECS instances from the plan page are eligible for the sale price, including Data Transfer Plan.

2. Can coupons be used to purchase this plan?

As a special promotional offer to customers, coupons (such as, new user free credit) cannot be applied to purchase this plan.

3. How do I renew my Starter Package Plan?

The Starter Package Plan supports automatic and manual renewal, and can only be renewed for 1 month. If you select manual renewal, you will need to log in to the Console and renew your ECS included in the Package. Please note that each ECS instance and Data Transfer plan in this package must be renewed together. If you cannot renew due to an issue with your payment method, please contact post-sales for assistance.

4. What is the peak bandwidth of the ECS in the Packages? Can this be modified?

The peak bandwidth for ECS instances from the Packages is 30Mbps. This cannot be modified by the user. If you need higher peak bandwidth, we suggest you purchase ECS separately and set the peak bandwidth up to 200Mbps.

Alibaba Cloud India Datacenter

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