Enable CSF Block Lists To Block Bots Malicious Traffic

CSF or Config Server Firewall is an essential firewall that every VPS should have in order to protect the server from being bombarded by thousands of malicious bots. The bots do various nefarious activities such as ‘port scanning’ (looking for which ports are open and vulnerable for intrusion), ‘Brute force login’ (guessing various combinations of username and password) etc

How To Set Up A WordPress VPS With Kloxo

How to buy a VPS: To learn how to set up a VPS, you should buy the cheapest possible VPS. SemoWeb & Virpus offer budget VPS for just $3.50 to $4 a month. Burst.net is another good option but is slightly costlier. Virpus & Burst.net offer 512MB guaranteed RAM while SemoWeb offers only 256MB RAM.

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