Cheap VPS | 5 Best Budget Hosts To Trust

I am always in search of hosts who are either willing to offer free VPS or whose charges are so low that it doesn’t pinch one’s pocket.

Obviously, the hosts who provide free VPS do so on a trial basis so as to enable the customer to get a first hand feel of the VPS and whether he would like to buy it for the long-term.

Almost all of the well-known VPS hosts such as Google Cloud, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Alibaba Cloud, Blue Host etc offer free trials with generous budgets and periods.

However, there are also a number of VPS hosts whose business model itself revolves around supplying VPS at rock-bottom and cheap prices.

The way these hosts are able to afford this business model of providing economical servers is because they are banking that there will be high volume of customers who will make up for the wafer thin margins that they make on each VPS.

Over the several months, I have developed a lot of experience as to which are the best hosts who offer cheap or economical VPS.

It is obvious that ‘cheap’ does not mean that we can compromise on the quality of hardware or on the speed of support.

So, let us short-list the best hosts who offer cheap VPS.

List of cheap VPS hosts

Top 5 cheap and best VPS providers

Sr. No.


Cost per month


Aruba Cloud

Euro 1






Euro 1.99






Euro 2.49

(i) Aruba Cloud 1 Euro per month

I have been using Aruba Cloud, a European host, for more than 12 months now.

I bought 2 VPS at the cheap price of only 1 Euro per month for each.

Aruba cheap VPS

The VPS has 1GB RAM and 20 GB Disk space.

The Disk is not SSD. However, it is quite fast and has good I/O.

The network is quite fast. My VPS is very responsive and the pages load fast.

The support is quite slow, as is to be expected for the rock bottom price that one is paying.

The support response time is about 24 to 36 hours.

Obviously, one cannot host critical sites on such a VPS because if there is a network problem and the site is not accessible, one can be stranded without timely help.

There are good reviews of Aruba Cloud’s 1 Euro service on Reddit.

Aruba Cloud also offers a free trial of its VPS.

(ii) Vultr $2.50 per month

Vultr is another excellent provider of VPS at a cheap price of only $2.50 per month.

For that cost, we get a VPS with 1 CPU, 20GB SSD Disk Space, 512 MB RAM and 500 GB Bandwidth.

Vultr $2.5 VPS Servers

However, if you desire an IP4 address, you will have to shell out $3.50 per month.

Vultr has datacenters across the globe.

So, you can get a cheap VPS in:

  • America (New York, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, Miami, Seattle, Los Angeles and Silicon Valley),
  • Europe (Amsterdam, Paris, Frankfurt and London),
  • Australia (Sydney) and
  • Asia (Tokyo and Singapore).

It is incredible that a budget VPS provider is able to offer so many choices to customers.

The servers of Vultr are excellent.

They are blazing fast and responsive.

The support is somewhat slow as can be expected for the low price that one is paying for the VPS.

(iii) Scaleway 1.99 Euro per month

Scaleway is also an excellent host in Europe with datacenters in Paris and Netherlands offering excellent servers at cheap prices.

The VPS offer the best price to performance ration.

A cost of 1.99 Euro will get a VPS with 1 GB RAM, 25GB SSD (NVMe) disk and 1 core CPU.

I have earlier conducted a detailed review of Scaleway.

I am very happy with the speed and responsiveness of the VPS, especially given the low cost that I am paying for it.

Scaleway VPS Pricing 1.99 Euro

(iv) OVH $3.35 per month

OVH is an old and trusted VPS provider which has been providing cheap and affordable servers for several years.

The reviews on show that OVH is highly reliable and that experts are quite pleased with its servers.

I have personally used OVH VPS and am very happy with it.

OVH also allows its servers to be used for mass mailings or bulk mail, without any restrictions.

OVH VPS Cheap Hosting

(v) Hetzner Euro 2.49 per month

Hetzner is yet another budget VPS provider offering excellent hardware at very cheap prices.

One can buy a VPS from Hetzner with 1 vCPU, 2 GB RAM, 20 GB SSD and 20 TB traffic.

Hetzner Truly thrifty cloud hosting

As one can see, Hetzner’s terms are very generous.

They are offering 2GB RAM at the starter level while others are giving only 1 GB RAM.

All servers are located in state-of-the-art data centers and are powered with Intel Skylake Xeon CPUs and speedy NVMe SSDs.

Hetzner has datacenters in Nuremberg, Falkenstein (which are in Germany) and in Helsinki (which is in Finland).

One remarkable aspect of Hetzner is the speed with which the VPS is created.

It literally takes only the blink of an eye.

Click here to read the review of Hetzner’s cheap VPS.

Low Budget with high performance

As is evident a VPS on a low budget does not mean that we have to compromise on quality or performance.

If you go with any of the five top budget hosts listed above, it is guaranteed that you will not only make big savings of costs but you will also be very happy with the performance of the VPS server.

If you know the names of any other affordable hosts, use the comment box below to let us know 🙂

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