Difference Between VePortal & SolusVM

You need a control panel to manage your VPS and to perform functions like installing the OS, rebooting it, checking CPU & RAM usage etc.

Some hosts like Burst.net & VolumeDrive offer VePortal while others like Virpus, MiniVPS & SemoWeb offer Solus VM.

Lets’ take a look at the difference between the two:

As one can see, SolusVM is quite bare-bones while the VePortal offers a slightly “richer” experience.

VePortal offers the following additional features that SolusVM does not offer:

(i) backup facility;
(ii) you can secure directories;
(iii) you can enable API security
(iv) you can ping and look up DNS
(v) you can install software like Webmin (free), CPanel & DirectAdmin (license required)

In comparision, SolusVM offers basic information about the traffic to your sites.

So, given a choice, VePortal is superior to SolusVM.

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