Hetzner VPS Review

Hetzner VPS Review (Helsinki)

This is a comprehensive review of a Hetzner VPS. The server is based in Helsinki, Finland. I was attracted to Hetzner Online because of the reviews that I read on twitter and on various websites. All the reviews of the Hetzner Online VPS were unanimous that the VPS is fast and responsive and that there is enormous value that one derives for the price that one is paying for the VPS. So, I decided to check whether these claims about the speed and responsiveness of the Hetzner VPS is correct and to do my own review

MySQL Backup | Easy Guide To Backup MySQL Database With Automated Script

Why is MySQL backup necessary. The database which is a collection of the content and posts cannot be replaced. If there is corruption or a fault in the server of the website, and the database is corrupted, all the content would be lost. That is why it is very important that a periodical backup of the MySQL database is retained. The backup of the MySQL should be stored in a remote place such as Amazon S3 storage, Google Drive, Google Cloud, Dropbox etc

Enable CSF Block Lists To Block Bots Malicious Traffic

CSF or Config Server Firewall is an essential firewall that every VPS should have in order to protect the server from being bombarded by thousands of malicious bots. The bots do various nefarious activities such as ‘port scanning’ (looking for which ports are open and vulnerable for intrusion), ‘Brute force login’ (guessing various combinations of username and password) etc